Control Room
Television Broadcast Control Room

As your Graphics Operator with over 25 years working in video, pre-production and post-production, live television and event production environments, I will work with the rest of the production crew representing you, my client, and the speaker/presenter.  As the central coordinator for all things graphic, I set up computers for playback and organize and run presentations. I’ll also work with clients and presenters to make changes or corrections to presentation graphics.  During the show, I coordinate with the production crew, making decisions and strategies about timing and equipment usage, and follow along with the presenters making sure their graphics are on the screen at the appropriate time and place.


Live Event
Live Event Main Ballroom

In those events where several breakout rooms need presentations loaded to support classes and seminars, I can be that central coordinator who keeps track of which presentation or set of presentations are needed for each room, then load computers or work with production members to ensure the right presentations are in the right place at the right time.

I can also be the interface between the client/presenter and the graphic artists to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.


Backstage at the Fairmont Hotel
Backstage at the Fairmont Hotel

In a dynamic production environment, you need someone with experience and a cool head to make quick and appropriate decisions if things go wrong, who understands the environment from several perspectives.  I started my career as a broadcast engineer.  My broadcast engineering background gives me a unique understanding of capabilities and needs of the technical crew.  As Graphic Artist, Graphic Operator and later as Art Director in Hewlett-Packard’s television studios, I’ve worked with engineers, managers, and all the way up to CEO’s.  I have a proven record of success working on projects of all levels of complexity. I have the ability to see the big picture, but I can also keep track of the smallest details of your project.  I can make decisions that work on many levels.